Our Mission


Nepalese Community
Engage/involve youth members
Promote our cultural and values
And commence involvement in
Local Community

Our Objectives

  • To promote cultural, social and educational activities of the community in the region
  • To raise awareness and promote Nepalese culture among the younger generation of the community with the aim of becoming model world citizens
  • To promote Nepalese culture and values in Western Sydney, primarily covering Penrith City Council and all adjoining Councils to all interested people
  • To provide a means of exchange of cultures among other communities in the area and greater Sydney region
  • To provide a common forum for the pursuit of fulfilment of Nepalese social and cultural needs of people of Nepalese ethnic background
  • To function as a medium between the community and the local, state and national governments and other organizations to promote and participate in multicultural activities

Current Executive Committee Members (2018)

Ram Pant
Sharav Shrestha
General Secretary
Sushil Shrestha
Shailendra Thapa
Mukunda Khanal
Dinesh GC
Raju Joshi
Niraj wagle
Samal Bhattarai